Woodlands Historic Park
Fungus Species

Form Scientific Name Comm Name Substr. Food Year
bolete unidentified bolete bnown top, yellow pores, stains blue then red ground M? 2015
bolete Suillus granulatus Slippery Jack ground amongst pine trees M 2015
bolete unidentified bolete brown top, pale pores, stains blue ground M 2012
bolete unidentified bolete gregarious, yellow top, yellow pores, does not stain ground 2016
bracket Fomitiporia robusta Robust Bracket dead wood S 2015
bracket Hexagonia vesparia S 2020
bracket Perenniporia ochroleuca S 2020
bracket Phaeotrametes decipiens Sheoke Punk sheoke log S 2012
bracket Piptoporus australiensis Curry Punk dead wood S 2013
bracket Rhodofomitopsis lilacinogilva Lilac bracket dead wood S 2012
bracket Trametes coccinea Scarlet Bracket dead wood S 2012
bracket Trametes versicolor Rainbow Bracket or Turkey Tail dead wood S 2013
bracket unidentified bracket black/brown dead wood S 2014
coral Clavulina vinaceocervina? beige, tips become black ground S 2012
crust Antrodiella sp. areas of broken teeth-like pores, creamy-white with white fluffy edge underside of branch S 2013
crust Hjortstamia crassa dead wood (burnt) S 2013
crust Hypoxylon sp. pale colour with a hint of violet, perithecial mounds with dark ostioles on top dead wood S 2012
crust Sphaerobolus stellatus Cannon-ball Fungus dead wood S 2020
crust Xylodon 'Schizopora group' or Hyphodontia paradoxa 2012
cup Aleurina ferruginea ground amongst moss S 2016
cup Hymenotorrendiella clelandii small twig S 2020
cup Peziza sp. soft beige cups, rims squashed together burnt wood S 2018
cup Peziza? sp. 10mm yellow ground S 2015
disc Bisporella sulfurina litter S 2015
disc Mollisia (aff.) cinerea litter S 2012
disc Octospora sp. 2 – 3mm dia., inner orange outer white moss S 2014
disc Orbillia? cf xanthostigma very pale yellow litter S 2015
disc Phaeohelotium baileyanum Yellow Earth Buttons ground S 2020
disc Phaeohelotium succineoguttulatum Brown Earth Buttons ground S 2020
disc Poronia erici Small Dung Button dung (roo,dry) S 2013
earthball Mycenastrum corium Tennis Ball Puffball ground S 2013
earthball Pisolithus marmoratus Horse-dropping Fungus, ground M 2013
earthball Scleroderma cepa Yellow-Skinned Earthball ground M 2015
earthball unidentified earthball 75mm across, brown on white pattern ground S 2016
earthstar Geastrum fornicatum Arched Earthstar ground S 2016
earthstar Geastrum minimum Tiny Earthstar ground S 2013
earthstar Geastrum sp. grey beaked spore sac with no pedicel S 2020
earthstar Geastrum triplex Collared Earthstar ground S 2013
gills Crepidotus ?nephrodes dead wood S 2020
gills Crepidotus variabilis Variable Oysterling dead wood S 2013
gills Resupinatus subapplicatus litter S 2013
gills Scizophyllum commune S 2020
jelly Calocera sinensis dead wood S 2013
jelly Heterotextus miltinus Golden Jelly-bells litter S 2012
jelly Heterotextus peziziformis Jelly Bells dead wood (small) S 2013
jelly Tremella fuciformis White Brain dead wood PF 2012
jelly Tremella mesenterica Yellow Brain dead wood PF 2012
leather Stereum hirsutum Hairy Curtain Crust buried wood S 2012
leather Stereum rugosum dead wood S 2013
leather Stereum illudens dead wood S 2012
lichen Rinodina sp. black and green crustose hard ground L 2013
lichen Xanthoria sp. Orange Wall Lichen L
mass Beauveria bassiana Icing-Sugar Fungus beetle PA 2012
mould Hypomyces chrysospermum Bolete Mould brown bolete PF 2012
mould Hypomyces species. Polypore Mould Coltricia australica PF 2020
mould Trichoderma viride dead wood S 2013
mushroom Agaricus bisporis White Button Mushroom ground S 1985
mushroom Agaricus campestris Field Mushroom ground S 2015
mushroom Agrocybe praecox Spring Fieldcap pine needles S 2020
mushroom Agrocybe tunicola ground S 2012
mushroom Amanita muscaria Fly Agaric ground amongst pine trees M 2020
mushroom Amanita sp. white, furfaceous cap ground M 2015
mushroom Amanita sp. white, saccate volva ground M 2015
mushroom Amanita sp. buff with flat patches ground M 2015
mushroom Amanita xanthocephala Vermilion Grisette ground M 2015
mushroom Clitocybe paraditopa ground S 1985
mushroom Clitopilus ?lateritius flesh in the pileus and stipe almost white ground 2014
mushroom Coprinellus disseminatus Fairy Inkcap buried wood S 2012
mushroom Coprinellus truncorum ground S 2013
mushroom Coprinus comatus Shaggy Inkcap or Lawyers Wig ground S 1985
mushroom Cortinarius aff. lavendulensis gills adnexed ground M 2014
mushroom Cortinarius sp. 'yellow brown' ground M 2012
mushroom Cortinarius sp. 'red brown' ground in moss bed M 2012
mushroom Cortinarius sublargus Dumpy Webcap ground M 2015
mushroom Cruentomycena viscidocruenta Ruby Bonnet litter S 2013
mushroom Descolea phlebophora moss bed 2020
mushroom Entoloma sp. grey cap and gills with white margin ground S 2012
mushroom Entoloma sp. brown, hygrophanous ground S 2012
mushroom Galerina hypnorum Moss Bell moss S 2014
mushroom Galerina patagonica dead wood S 2013
mushroom Galerina unicolor Funeral Bell ground in moss S 2012
mushroom Gymnopilus allantopus Golden Wood Fungus. sheoke log S 2012
mushroom Gymnopilus dilepis dead wood (pine) S 2013
mushroom Gymnopilus eucalyptorum bark S 2014
mushroom Gymnopilus junonius Spectacular Rustgill dead wood S 2015
mushroom Gymnopus dryophilus Oak-loving Gymnopus litter S 2013
mushroom Hygrocybe aff. brunnea ground in moss and alga S 2012
mushroom Hygrocybe sp. 19mm diam, stem 25mm, white stem ground S 2013
mushroom Hygrocybe? sp. 17mm diam, stem 30mm, yellow stem ground in moss S 2013
mushroom Laccaria sp. Red-brown, pale gills ground M 2013
mushroom Lactarius deliciosus Saffron Milk Cap ground amongst pine trees M 2016
mushroom Lentinellus tasmanicus dead wood S 2012
mushroom Lepiota haemorrhagica Bleeding Parasol ground S? 2012
mushroom Lepiota sp. tiny, white with droplets on cap dead wood S 2020
mushroom Lepista nuda Wood Blewit ground S 2012
mushroom Leratomyces ceres Chip Cherries litter, wood chips S 2015
mushroom Leucopaxillus eucalyptorum ground around base of eucalypt trunk M 2015
mushroom Lichenomphalia chromacea Yellow Navel algal mat on ground L 2012
mushroom Lichenomphalia sp. 'golden russet' golden brown, cap 8mm diam algal mat on rock L 2013
mushroom Lichenomphalina umbelliferum L 2020
mushroom Limacella piterika ground M 2013
mushroom Macrolepiota clelandii Graceful Parasol ground 2012
mushroom Marasmius crinisequi group Horse-hair Fungus litter S 2013
mushroom Marasmius sp. thick horsehair stem on leaves dead leaves S 2012
mushroom Mycena albidocapillaris litter S 2015
mushroom Mycena carmeliana litter S 2014
mushroom Mycena fumosa dead wood S 2012
mushroom Mycena kuurkacea Bleeding Mycena wood or bark S 2013
mushroom Mycena nargan Nargan's Bonnet dead wood S 2013
mushroom Mycena subvulgaris litter S 2013
mushroom Oudemansiella gigaspora Rooting Shank buried wood S 2012
mushroom Panaeolus ?semiovatus dung (horse) S 2015
mushroom Panaeolus sp. 13mm diam, dark brown, glutinous dung (roo) S 2013
mushroom Panaeolus sp. 30mm diameter, blackish tone over brown ground among rabbit dung S 2012
mushroom Panus fasciatus dead wood S 2014
mushroom Parasola virgulacolens Inkcap ground 2015
mushroom Pholiota communis ground S 2013
mushroom Pholiota recedens S 1985
mushroom Phylloporus clelandii ground M 2014
mushroom Pluteus pauperculus Yellow stem and brown cap dead wood S 2020
mushroom Pluteus sp. 'yellow' Yellow stem and yellow cap dead wood S 2013
mushroom Psathyrella sp. caramel cap, white stem ground S 2013
mushroom Psilocybe coprophila Dung-loving Deconica dung S 2013
mushroom Rhodocollybia butyracea Butter Cap ground 2013
mushroom Rhodocybe ?reticulata ground 2012
mushroom Rhodocybe sp. diameter c. 60 mm, pinkish brown ground 2012
mushroom Rickenella fibula Orange Moss Agaric ground in moss 2012
mushroom Russula atropurpurea Purple Brittlegill ground amongst pine trees M 2015
mushroom Singerocybe clitocyboides ground S 2013
mushroom Stropharia semiglobata Dung Roundhead dung (roo) S 2013
mushroom Tricholoma australocolossus ground M 2015
mushroom Tubaria sp. ground S 2012
pin order Mucorales pale yellow strands ending in yellow or black balls unidentified brown mushroom PF 2016
pin order Mucorales vertical white strands ending in yellow balls dog dropping S 2017
pin Pilobolus species translucent white with black spore clusters dung (roo) S 2014
polypore Coltricia australica ground S 2020
polypore Coltriciella dependens wood S 2014
polypore Panellus pusillus Little Ping-pong Bat dead wood S 2015
polypore Polyporus gayanus dead wood S 2014
puffball Lycoperdon scabrum ground S 2012
puffball Lycoperdon species? scaly brown puffball ground S 2020
puffball Tulostoma sp. 30mm stalk, 5mm white spore sack ground amongst moss S 2012
puffball Tulostoma sp. 20-30mm stalk, 10mm spore sack ground S 2020
puffball Vascellum pratense Meadow Puffball ground S 2013
stinkhorn Ileodictyon sp. Basket Fungus ground S 2015
stinkhorn Phallus rubicundus Devil's Stinkhorn ground S 2015
truffle Rhizopogon sp. yellow or white with purple tinge ground M 2016
truffle Thaxterogaster sp. ground M 2012
club Xylaria species pointed black club sheoke cone S 2012