Woodlands Historic Park
Key to High Priority Weed List

Table extracted from the Restoration Plan pages 58-61, with addition of some species occuring on former Greenvale Sanatorium land.

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Click on the column headers to sort the table on that column. One click will sort in ascending order, a second click in descending order, as indicated by the blue triangles. By default the table is sorted by family, then within each family by scientific name. To re-establish this order click on the Scientific Name column then the Family column.

Horizontal scroll bar will appear if window is too narrow to show all columns. Click on the buttons above the table to hide/show particular columns.

Columns can be re-arranged by dragging and dropping the column headers.

If you resize your browser window you may need to reload the page, since I have not yet figured out how to get the table to automatically resize in all cases.

Columns in the table:

Legal status:
R indicates Regionally Controlled under the Catchment and Land Protection Act.
Population (based on limited observation):
  1. rare or uncommon
  2. common
  3. very abundant and widespread
  4. not defined in the document
Absence of a value in the "pop'n 1996" column indicates an added species.
Control in defined areas, or Elimination from the Park