Woodlands Historic Park

Since the European invasion, at least 10 species of mammal, 3 reptile species, 4 birds species and probably 198 plant species have disappeared from what is now Woodlands Historic Park. The creek has been highly eroded, the soils compacted, and most of the diverse grassy ground cover replaced by Chilean Needle Grass and broad-leafed weeds. Water flows have been changed by dams and drains. The park is criss-crossed by pipelines and vehicle tracks (map), and even some of the granite boulders have been broken up.

As degraded as the park is, it can get worse. There are threats to the plant and animal populations of the park, to its recreational value, and to its soil. Some possible threats, in no particular order, are:

The ability of Parks Victoria to combat any of these threats is severely restricted by its limited funding.