Woodlands Historic Park
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Red Gums and Riders: A History of Gellibrand Hill Park. Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Victoria 1993. A4 format with black and white photographs and maps.

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Foreword iii
List of Figuresvii
1. Aboriginal Occupation3
2. European Exploration and Settlement5
3. The Greene Family at Woodlands 1842-18667
3.1 Emigration to Melbourne7
3.2 Establishing Woodlands8
3.3 Life at Woodlands in the Arcadian days14
3.4 Life at Woodlands during and after the Gold Rushes18
3.5 History of the Greenes' Servants25
3.6 The Woodlands neighbourhood in the 1860s.31
4. Subsequent Owners of Woodlands33
4.1 Sutherland 1866-187233
4.2 Fisher 1873-188633
4.3 Mclntosh, Bent, Fink, Waxman, Moss, Croker 1886-188935
4.4 Croker 1889-191735
4.5 Chaffey 1917-193741
4.6 Kellow 1938-193947
4.7 Mitchell 1939-197849
4.8 National Parks Service 197949
5. Cumberland51
6. Dundonald and Gellibrand Hill59
7. Gellibrand Hill Park65
8. The Future for the Park71
Table 1 - Details of Greenes' Servants83
Appendix 1 - The Woodlands Steeplechase85
Appendix 2 - The Batey Manuscript91

List of Figures

1Locality Mapxii
2Park landscape - red gumsxii
3Gellibrand Hill2
4Moonee Ponds Greek2
5Scar tree in the park2
6Hume and Hovell Memorial, Oaklands Junction5
7Captain William Pomeroy Greene, R.N.7
8Mrs Anne Greene, nee Griffiths7
9Advertisement in Port Phillip Herald for prefabricated house8
10County Plan showing parishes around Woodlands.9
11Woodlands, from north west, c. 186011
12Advertisements for other prefabricated buildings12
13Judge Martin's house, Parnell, New Zealand13
14Magnolia grandiflora in the courtyard13
15Tutor's cottage in 198814
16St. Mary's Church, 197315
17William Pomeroy Greene in later years16
18Woodlands from south west, c. 186019
19Sir William F. Stawell20
20Lady Stawell and her children in 189220
21Dublin: Trinity College, exterior and interior; Law Courts21
22Molesworth Greene23
23George Greene23
24Greenethorpe village, N.S.W., St Saviour's Anglican Church and Mt. Oriel24
25Rev. Charles Greene25
26Mary Lady Stawell25
27The Greenes' Ireland25
28Collon House26
29Village of Collon27
30Collon Courthouse and village green27
31Church of Ireland, Collon27
32Margaret Emerson, nee Martin29
33George Emerson29
34Woodlands - landscape setting c.l860.31
35C.B. Fisher33
36W.H. Croker at Victoria Racing Club Committee36
37Opening meeting of the Oaklands Hunt Club at Woodlands, 17 May 1890 - from south west37
38Oaklands Hunt club riders behind Woodlands homestead, 17 May 1890 - from south east40
39Ben Chaffey and daughter Mavis, c. 191641
40Gowra Chaffey and Bess McPherson42
41Opening meet of the Oaklands Hunt Club at Woodlands, 191943
42Mrs Chaffey and friend in Woodlands garden, 1920s44
43Entrance to Woodlands homestead, 192644
44Group in Woodlands garden, including Ben Chaffey (left back) and his son-in-law, Albert Campbell (centre front).45
45Garden scene46
46Top stables, Woodlands, with unknown horse and rider, 1920s46
47Mr G. Kellow at the races47
48Woodlands neighbourhood in 193948
49Mr F. Mitchell49
50Cumberland homestead from the south, c. 192650
51Former site of St. Mary's Church on Woodlands50
52Red Gums on Woodlands, 197452
53Cumberland homestead from the south west, c. 192653
54Agnes and Ettie Johnston with pet sheep, Cumberland c. 192354
55Prize sheep in front of timber wool shed and bluestone stables, Cumberland c. 192354
56Oaten haystack near Somerton Rd., c. 193055
57Wally Johnston and single furrow plough, c, 192455
58Vegetable patch behind Cumberland, c. 192455
59Tomatoes in vegetable patch, c. 192455
60Moonee Ponds Greek in flood, c.192455
61Johnstons in new Buick, Cumberland, c. 192256
62Lily Hiscocks, Ettie and Blanche Johnston on ponies c. 192456
63"Agnes Johnston on ""Topsy"", c. 1921"56
64Hunt club members riding away from Inverness Hotel, 1940s?56
65View from Gellibrand Hill, looking south west, c. 192457
66View from Gellibrand Hill, looking south west towards airport, 199357
67Quarry site on Glen Dewar, c. 1916.58
68Bayview Quarry, Moonee Ponds Greek, 1960s58
69Ruins at Cumberland, 199358
70Dundonald, from the north east, c. 191659
71Steps to verandah, Dundonald, from the east c. 192560
72James Hatty in front garden60
73Stables, Dundonald, with James Hatty and Muriel Musgrove in buggy, c. 191461
74David Hatty pushing pram, Dundonald stables in background, c. 1925 61
75The Hatty family in front of Dundonald, c.1912 61
76Granite tors, Gellibrand Hill, 1909, 1973 and 1993 62
77Open woodland, Woodlands, 1974 65
78Cycling through the nature reserve (Back Paddock), 1993 65
79Woodlands front entrance, 1977 and 1993 66
80House components - cast iron window frames 66
81Looking towards the airport across front garden, 1977 and front garden, 199367
82Cr. Frank Cox sets off to the opening of the Woodlands homestead on 25 November 198468
83Andrew Thorn (left) explaining techniques of paint layer removal in Room 5, November 198468
84Room 5 paint decoration of 1849 revealed in detail, July 1986 68
85Room 4 showing Ionic columns and full 1849 paint scheme detail 68
86Peter Lovell inspecting rot in kitchen base boards, May 1992 69
87Woodlands courtyard, 1977, 1984 and 1985 73
88Plan of Woodlands homestead showing interpretive features 74
89Coach house/stables, 1977 and 1993 74
90Men's Quarters, 1980 and 1993 75
91Tutor's cottage, 1977 and 1992 75
92Top stables, 1980, 1984 and 1993 75
93Plan of Woodlands homestead and outbuildings76
94Close up of landscape south west of Woodlands homestead showing dense she-oaks on rocky ridge and eucalypts on slope, c.186079
95Plan of Gellibrand Hill Park, 199380