Woodlands Historic Park
How You Can Help

The easiest way to help the park is to tell people about this website. An independent site such as ours can never achieve the same prominence in search results as government or government endorsed sites, so your help is needed for people to find the site. You can also help by telling the webmaster what you like or dislike about the site and contributing photos or observations.

If you want to get involved more actively you can volunteer with Friends of Woodlands Historic Park, or you can just join the group to show your support.

You will also be helping Woodlands and all other national parks in Victoria if you join or donate to the Victorian National Parks Association.

Other issues which impact parks and the environment in general need to be tackled at the national or global level. There are many organizations which campaign on the more trendy environmental issues. Some that work on lesser known but equally important issues include the Boomerang Alliance, the Invasive Species Council and Sustainable Australia.