Woodlands Historic Park
Butterfly Photos

About This Page

Butterflies are classified in the order Lepidoptera, as are moths of which there are many more species. The headings on this page correspond to the five families of butterflies. All the other families in Lepidoptera are known as moths.

The most commonly seen butterfly by far in the park is the Common Brown. In summer you can often find yourself in a cloud of them if you walk in a shady part of the park with suitable grass. The Australian Painted Lady is also common and appears earlier in spring. The Meadow Argus is another common medium-size species. These three species all fly close to the ground which is another reason why you are most likely to see them. The abundant Common Grass Blue also flies and perches close to the ground but it is a lot smaller and its dull under-wing pattern makes it less noticable.

The remaining species shown on this page are seen much less frequently. This could be because they are less common or because of their habits or both. For the same reason there are probably other species in the park that we have not spotted yet.